XP Hidden Music Easter Egg: Windows Welcome Music

Over 5 minutes of synthesized and cheesy little electronic percussion. Impress your friends with this little windows easter egg. Play the Windows Welcome Music:

Download any song on MySpace
MySpace allows you to listen to a lot of music, but they only allow you to download a select few of the songs. Here is the work around.

     1. Go to the MySpace site that you want to download the music from

     2. That page must have at least one song available for download

     3. Open notepad

     4. Right-click the download link and select copy Link

     5. Paste this link into your notepad



Prevent your PC from connecting to a wireless network

When I walk around my office, my notebook must connect to a half-a-dozen different wifi systems. This is nice if I want to be connected to the net; however, frequently I just want to code without any connections to the outside world. Plus, being connected to an unknown open wifi is a big security risk. Here's how to prevent your laptop from connecting to random wifi spots:

1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Select Network Connections
4. Right-click your wireless connection
5. Click Properties
6. Click Wireless Networks tab
7. Deselect checkbox: Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings
8. Click OK

When you want to reconnect, just reselect the check box and allow windows to control your network again.


Prevent modifications of your desktop
Modify the permissions of your users to keep them from putting folders and other files on the desktop

     1. navigate your computer to C:\Documents and Settings\
     2. then select the user you wish to modify.
     3. now right click the desktop folder and select properties
     4. switch to the security tab:

under users select the user to change permissions for.

at the bottom a list of permissions will be displayed, to stop changes to folders and the desktop, select the deny box beside the following:
full control
Special Permissions

The others are needed to allow this user to launch and view the files of the specific folder. If you wish to remove these properties as well then choose deny for all the options.


What else can I do in Google?

Google offers a variety of services and tools besides its basic web search. This is a partial list of Google's services and tools. Read the extensive list here. (Note you must have Pop-ups turned off or hold down the left control key to allow the window to open.)

Maximizing The Life Of Your Hard Drive

If I asked you the question: which part of your computer is the most fragile, what would you say? What if I asked: which part is most important to you? Often, the answer to both of these questions is your Hard Drive.

Your hard drive is likely one the most important things you own. It contains work data (more)

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