Oh, Neal, you ole Wiley Wizard, you!   You even cleaned my laptop and screen--Color my face red!  I've read your notes and don't understand them all but will work on them. Many thanks! Phyllis

Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!  I so appreciate your efforts and help Neal. 
Blessing to you my friend.



I am a true Neal Shaver fan!! I have recommended him to many companies!! AMAZING COMPUTER GURU!! Amy


Neal - WHAT A DEAR PERSON YOU ARE!    I go to bed disgusted and frustrated  and wake up to a perfectly performing computer.  Do you ever sleep? Thanks are not enough, but I thank you with all my heart  Fondly,  Jane 



I want you to know that you were wonderful and did amazing things to the computer.  In the past several years, I have had two different IT people from Craig's company come out and try to help.  You did it with no effort and KNEW what you were doing!!!! It was a gift and we are thrilled.  Thanks for all you do and blessings on your family. Liz


Dear Marycke and Neal, Thanks are not enough. You get me out of the boggy holes I get myself into. Your knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. You are both kind hearted patient people, and I do appreciate it. It was such a joy to wake up to a properly functioning computer. Fondly, Jane


Precious Neal, I constantly recommend you to anyone who asks me who to go to for computer work.  You are the best thing that ever came along in my life.  I hope your family is doing well and I think of you often. Bev


Neal, I have never had a computer work so well for this long before! Thank you so much for all your help and hard work!! Lonnie


Thank you SIR very very much.  You are a magician.  Works just like new.  So glad to have such a wonderful neighbor who is ALSO fantastic fixing my computer messes. :-) Charlotte



Magical! That is all I can say watching you work on my computer! Al


Thanks for the new website! Your ideas and new designs are great. Having sound and video clips has really improved our traffic. Rudy



Great training. We really appreciate the way you take the time to repeat steps. The tutorials and videos you also provide help after you have left. Great work! Thanks. Mario


Neal, You are correct! It's back! What an answer to a prayer for me. You are a jewel. I appreciate your attention to my problems... Thank you soooooooo much. Renabeth




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